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How Pre-need Arrangements are Funded and Guaranteed

All funeral contracts that are pre-paid by a family are placed either into, a trust account or into a burial insurance policy. It is important for a family to understand that the pre-paid monies do not belong to the funeral home, but the money is held in trust or insurance in the name of the owner of the trust or the insured.  We are even able to offer affordable payments of time to help ease the financial burden ahead of time.

When any services or merchandise of the funeral home is pre-paid, the funeral home guarantees that, at the time of need, no other funds for those services or merchandise will be sought from the person making funeral arrangements or from the estate of the deceased. The interest that accumulates in the trust or insurance policy is designated to cover the increased cost of the services or merchandise selected.  

At the time of death we bill the insurance policy our present charges. If the account has grown more than the charges, the beneficiary will receive the difference. If the charges have grown more than the account, the Funeral Home takes a loss. The only time anyone pays more is when they select more goods or services.

At Simply Cremations we have several different Insurance Companies to find the best fit for your needs.

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